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As GOD opens the door, it starts. Amen!

You may:

1) Pray for us that God guides us in all our decisions. Let your friends and families know about MCFII. Please email us if you wish to be our prayer Partner
2) If you know of any organizations or ministry volunteers who are able to Propose Applicants to MCFII, please send us an email.
3) If you want to contribute financially, email to us. We will send you a list of applicants and their needs and if you are led by God and want to help them financially, we will tell you to whom you should send the fund directly.


You have change my life a lot and you have change a lot of lives for a family
"Thank you for helping me fulfill my dreams"
Another 240 Bnei Menashe made Aliyah from India to Israel
Undergoing Certification to be a Certified English Teacher
Undergoing Certification to be a Certified Dental Nurse
Excerpt from Michael Freund (SHAVEI ISRAEL) - Scholarships promote Bnei Menashe integration in Israel - Bet El – ENGLISH
“It is a struggle but I am going to a bus driver at EGGED, I pass the exam” When he said it he was beaming