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MCFII’s primary objective is to help the needy in Israel (financially) especially those who made Aliyah, so as to enable them to become financially independent.

We will sponsor technical education through grants ( for instance a certification to qualify as a nurse, social worker, bus driver and so on).

Our aim is to enable applicants to attain certification enabling them to have salaried jobs (or a higher salary) giving them and their families financial stability.

MCFII collaborates with Institutions (like government agencies, associations, ministries) or Individuals who will propose Applicants who need the sponsorship. They are known as Proposers.

Based on the Proposers' recommendations (where the Proposer has a committed ongoing relationship with the applicant), MCFII will consider each application through a prayers, check-list and board’s counsel before issuing the sponsorship/grant.

The Proposer has to manage the funds' disbursements for their intended purposes and provide-MCFII with regular reports